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  Sports Massage



Sport and Remedial Massage is a great way to maintain a higher level of fitness and improve your performance and consequent, recovery from any given work out or competition. The techniques used by sports massage practitioners have been developed to ensure effective and efficient results. Reported benefits of Sport and Remedial Massage include:


  • Improvement in circulation & lymphatic flow

  • Assistance in the removal of metabolic waste

  • Sedation or stimulation of nerve endings

  • Increased or decreased muscle tone

  • Increased or decreased muscle length

  • Remodeling of scar tissue when required

  • Assistance in mental preparation for sporting participation


To benefit from a sport and Remedial Massage you do not need to be a sports performer. There are many practitioners that work with a great range of clients. The benefits above can also help relieve many of the day to day problems that everyone experiences.  


Regardless of your experiences in sport or exercise whether you exercise socially or compete to an international level - sports massage could have something to offer you.


Members of the Institute of Sport and Remedial Massage ( will be able to identify anyone for whom sports massage would be ill-advised or detrimental to their short or long-term well being. They will assess each individual and provide the appropriate massage techniques, and will advise on alternative action if required.


  Sports Massage



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